Crystal Singing Bowls Set


Crystal sound healing instruments are wonderful additions to a meditation or yoga routine. They can be used for healing, meditation and relaxation. If you’ve ever heard of a crystal sound healing and wondered how it works, then it’s time to dive into the world of crystal sound therapy!


Why are they called healing instruments?

Quartz crystals are renowned for their healing properties. Quartz is piezoelectric, meaning it generates an electric charge when pressure is applied to it. This means that when you play a crystal harp, you’re not just producing sound; you’re also creating a vibrational field that can be absorbed by your body.

The sound of a crystal instruments acts like an energetic tuning fork, helping your body align with its natural frequency and restore balance. As you listen to these instruments, they help clear out blocked energy and encourage the release of emotions that may be holding back your progress. The vibration from playing these instruments also helps bring about positive changes in your mental state—for example, if you have trouble focusing or find yourself easily distracted at work or home because of stressors in your life (such as financial difficulties), listening to crystal instruments help improve concentration by releasing tension from the mind and relaxing tense muscles throughout the body (which can lead to greater ease).

incorporating sound healing therapy into your self-care routine.

Crystal harps, like other sound healing tools, can be a wonderful addition to your healing routine.

Crystal harps are beautiful, calming and relaxing. They’re also a great tool for anyone who is new to sound healing. The crystal vibrations can help you to relax, meditate and sleep. They can also help you connect with your higher self or the Divine within you.

Sounds have been used for millennia as tools for healing the body and mind because of their soothing sounds that resonate through our bodies like a massage from heaven! Crystal sound therapy has been shown to lower stress levels by releasing dopamine into the system which makes us feel happy again!

What is the energy of sound?

Sound is a vibration that can be felt through the body. It can heal, relax, and help you sleep better. Sound can also help you meditate and focus. In addition to these practical uses, sound has an even deeper purpose: it allows us to experience ourselves more fully.

Sound therapy practitioners believe that all of our senses are connected – we’re not just hearing sound when we listen; we’re also feeling it through our bodies’ nervous systems as vibrations in our bones and tissues. Sound healing therapies use crystals placed on certain points of the body in order to enhance these vibrations so they enter deep into your being at a cellular level .

How do crystal harps work?

The crystal harps are made of quartz crystals, which are known for their healing properties, and tuned to a specific 432 hz frequency. They work by emitting these healing frequencies while you meditate, relax or sleep.

With meditation for reducing anxiety and releasing blockages.

Crystal harps are a way to add sound therapy to your self-care routine, so you can begin improving your health and wellbeing. Crystal harps are not just for meditation; they can be used in a variety of ways:

  • Crystal Healing
  • Sound Healing
  • Relaxation


Crystal harps are a wonderful way to add a peaceful and relaxing sound bath into your daily routine. From meditation for reducing anxiety, to releasing blockages within the body, these instruments have many benefits.