We offer Crystal Harps in six unique tones:

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Earth OM C#

C# Earth Om is a tonality that roots deeply into the earth. Its sounds are solid, powerful, and stable, like an old, wise oak. This tonality carries within it harmony and peace, reminding us of the stability of our planet and the immutable power of nature. Each note emanating from the harp is like an echo of Om, the universal sound that connects us all, inducing a state of profound tranquility and unity with nature.

Notes: 5C#, 5E, 5F#, 5G#, 5A, 5B, 6C#, 6E 

Celestial Sun D 

Celestial Sun D is a tonality that always reminds us of the power and energy of the sun. Its sounds are bright, warm, and lively, imbued with optimism and the joy of life. This tonality seems to permeate the soul, just like the sun’s rays illuminating a dense forest in the morning. In its resonance, one can discern echoes of laughter, happiness, and life force that awaken and fill with strength for the entire day.

Notes: D5, E5, F#5, G5, A5, B5, C#6, D6

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 Celtic Moon D

Celtic Moon D is a mysterious and enchanted tonality of the Crystal Harp. It is akin to the ocean’s depth, secretive and captivating, and its sounds flow like streams from a fresh spring, leading the listener into a state of sensual introspection. One can sense the power of ancient Celtic myths in them, stories traversing centuries, full of courage, love, and magic. These sounds resemble the whispering of waves, softly rustling on the shoreline under the moon’s glow.

Notes: D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, C6, D6, E6

Chakra C

Chakra C is a tonality of such unreal and unbelievable purity, like a morning swathed in dense fog. The sounds flowing from it are delicate and transparent, floating like dandelion fluff on a summer breeze. They evoke a blue sky full of clouds, a flight into the heavens, the uplifting of the soul towards the heights of the unfathomable. They meander in space, leading the listener into a state of lightness and boundless freedom.

Notes: C5, D5, E5, F5, G5, A5, H5, C6

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Mystic E

“Mystic E” Crystal Harp scale, inspired by the Middle East’s rich musical history. It blends the traditional Hijaz scale with a touch of mystic charm, creating a sound that’s as captivating as a belly dance under the stars. Each note tells a tale of its own, evoking the mystery and magic of Arabian nights. Simple to play, but with a depth that draws you in, the Mystic E Crystal Harp Scale is a doorway to an enchanting musical adventure.

Notes: E5, F5, G#5, A5, B5, C6, D6, E6  

Stardust C# 

Stardust C# crystal harp invites a sense of inner peace and reflection. Its melodic range is perfectly attuned to meditation, spiritual practices, and moments of deep contemplation. Whether you’re a seasoned musician or a novice seeking a soulful connection with music, this crystal harp is a remarkable tool for creating an atmosphere of profound serenity and spiritual resonance.

Notes:5C#, 5D#,5E , 5F#, 5G#, 5A, 5B, 6C#

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