Crystal Sounds

The Crystal Harp is truly an exceptional instrument. When you play it, it feels as if you have an array of crystal bowls singing together, but with a richer, higher octave – a unique experience that fills the air with a charming melody.

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This remarkable instrument reminds us of the real, invisible bond that connects us all with nature. It is like a musical bridge, where sounds become medicine, and silence – a place full of magic and possibilities.
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The Crystal Harp is not just a musical instrument but a healing tool. Its sounds, carrying purity and harmony, dance through the very core of our spirit, bringing relief and peace. These sound journeys have the power of transformation, inducing a state of deep meditation and inner tranquility.


Your Crystal Experience

In our collection, you’ll find a variety of Crystal Harps, each possessing its unique voice and personality. We offer four distinct 8-tube harps, each tuned in a different key that corresponds with the diverse energies and elements of nature.
In addition to these, we also have a special 15-tube Crystal Harp. This magnificent instrument expands on the harmony of its siblings, encompassing a broader range of tones and resonances, offering a richer and more complex melody.

Crystal Harp

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