Shipping Details


Safe Transport of Crystal Harps from Sacred Forest

In the world of sound therapy, the Crystal Harps from Sacred Forest stand out not only for their healing properties but also our unique approach to transportation. Offering global shipping through FedEx Priority, Sacred Forest ensures fast and reliable delivery worldwide.

Each harp is carefully packed in a reinforced backpack, ensuring a safe journey to its destination. The packing process includes comprehensive protection of the crystal components, with clear warning signs for careful handling.

Furthermore, each purchase is fully insured for its total value, offering customers peace of mind during the shipping process. As a dedicated manufacturer, Sacred Forest maintains an extensive inventory of spare parts, ready to be dispatched for any necessary replacements. The company also supports its products with a robust service and instrument guarantee, ensuring complete customer satisfaction and confidence in their purchase.

In the context of transportation, maintaining the integrity of these delicate instruments is crucial. With solid packaging and insurance, Sacred Forest ensures that each harp arrives at its new home intact, ready to provide therapeutic benefits to its users.


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