Celestial sun D in 432Hz

The “Sun D” scale is a musical embodiment of the radiant energy of the sun. This tuning brings with it mature warmth and deep brightness, illuminating the mind and soul, bringing a sense of renewal and vitality.

Subtle Warmth and Illuminating Brightness

The sounds of this scale are subtle, yet full of radiance, reminiscent of the nourishing power and steady glow of the sun. They are like gentle, yet powerful rays that gradually illuminate and enliven our inner landscapes.

Tones:ย D5, E5, F#5, G5, A5, B5/H5, C#6, D6 with the highest declared tuning precision.

Pipes made of transparent quartz crystal with a declared purity of 99.8%.


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Life Force and Renewal

Each tone in the “Sun D” scale emanates life force and optimism, bringing renewal and energy. It is a tuning that inspires growth and development, just as the sun fosters the blooming of nature.

Application in Sound Therapy and Energy Enhancement:

Ideal for sound healing sessions and practices that strengthen inner strength, this scale promotes spiritual and emotional revival. Its rich, luminous tones stimulate action and add depth to life.

Characteristics of the Sun D Scale:

  • Mature Warmth and Brightness: This tuning is like the wise and energetic glow of the sun, bringing balance and enlightenment.
  • Revitalizing Life Force: The sounds of this scale are filled with revitalizing energy that inspires and stimulates activity.
  • Awakening Inner Strength: This tuning acts like a sunny morning, awakening and invigorating, encouraging a positive view of the world.



The “Sun D” scale in Sacred Forest crystal harps is a sonic celebration of the sun and its energy. It is a tuning that brings warmth, brightness, and optimism, helping to open up to the joy of life and its endless possibilities. It is an ideal choice for those who wish to bring more light and positive energy into their lives.

Playing the Harp

The Harp can be played by holding the handle or placing it on a stand โ€“ both methods provide room for creativity.

There are many ways to make the harp sing its crystalline song. You can opt for gently striking with sticks.

Another acoustic effect can be achieved by gently moving wet hands over the tubes. This causes the harp to resonate with a sound that seems to blossom from within, enveloping the senses in a completely new experience.

Moreover, gently moving the harp from side to side while playing invites the sounds to additional, captivating modulation, further deepening the connection between you and your crystal harp.

With your Crystal Harp, you receive:

  • crystal stick
  • A foldable stand (for placing the harp)
  • A backpack (for carrying the instrument)
  • Instructions


Tones:ย D5, E5, F#5, G5, A5, B5/H5, C#6, D6 with the highest declared tuning precision.

The tubes are made of transparent quartz crystal with a declared purity of 99.8%.

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2 Year Warranty
We provide a 2-year warranty on instruments manufactured by us. The Crystal Harps do not require re-tuning, which ensures a lifetime warranty on perfect tuning.

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432 hz