Crystal Harp – Earth OM C#

The “C# Earth Om” scale is a harmonious blend of deep grounding with cosmic vibrations. This tuning is like the magical chant of the earth, full of mysteries and a magical connection with nature, opening the heart to deep harmony and balance.

Mystical Grounding Power Each sound in this scale brings with it the power of grounding, which speaks to the deepest layers of our consciousness. It’s like a deep, nourishing touch of nature that stabilizes, calms, and revitalizes, bringing a sense of peace and connection to the earth.

Tones: 5C#, 5E, 5F#, 5G#, 5A, 5B, 6C#, 6E with the declared highest tuning precision.

Pipes made of transparent quartz crystal with a declared purity of 99.8%

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Audio Samples

Subtle Echo of Om

In the background of these earthy tones, the subtle echoes of the Om sound serve as a reminder of the all-encompassing harmony and unity we share with the entire universe.

Application in Sound Healing and Meditation Practices:

The “C# Earth Om” scale is an excellent choice for sound healing sessions and deep meditations. Its rich, grounding sounds provide ideal conditions for relaxation, finding inner strength, and deep connection with nature.

However, describing its unique melody in words doesn’t quite do it justice. You must hear it for yourself to truly appreciate its special sound. Therefore, we recommend viewing the videos below. Listen and allow the mesmerizing music to speak directly to your heart.

Characteristics of the C# Earth Om Scale:

Grounding in the Sounds of Nature: This tuning invites experiencing deep grounding, offering stability and peace. Mysteries of Nature Revealed in Sound: The sounds of this scale are like a story of the deep mysteries of nature, opening the path to understanding its subtle power. Cosmic Harmony: The delicate vibrations of the Om sound add a dimension of spiritual unity and universal coherence.


The “C# Earth Om” scale in Sacred Forest crystal harps is like a magical journey into the depths of nature, where mystical grounding meets the subtlety of cosmic harmony. It is a tuning that leads to deep healing, meditative peace, and connection with the natural world.

C# Earth Om is a tonality that roots deeply into the earth. Its sounds are solid, powerful, and stable, like an old, wise oak. This tonality carries within it harmony and peace, reminding us of the stability of our planet and the immutable power of nature. Each note emanating from the harp is like an echo of Om, the universal sound that connects us all, inducing a state of profound tranquility and unity with nature.

Playing the Harp

The Harp can be played by holding the handle or placing it on a stand โ€“ both methods provide room for creativity.

There are many ways to make the harp sing its crystalline song. You can opt for gently striking with sticks.

Another acoustic effect can be achieved by gently moving wet hands over the tubes. This causes the harp to resonate with a sound that seems to blossom from within, enveloping the senses in a completely new experience.

Moreover, gently moving the harp from side to side while playing invites the sounds to additional, captivating modulation, further deepening the connection between you and your crystal harp.

With your Crystal Harp, you receive:

  • crystal stick
  • A foldable stand (for placing the harp)
  • A backpack (for carrying the instrument)
  • Instructions


Tones: 5C#, 5E, 5F#, 5G#, 5A, 5B, 6C#, 6E with the declared highest tuning precision.

The tubes are made of transparent quartz crystal with a declared purity of 99.8%.

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