Sacred Forest Team at River Playing Crystal Harp and Crystal Bowls
Greetings, Dear Souls,
Nestled in the heart of the forest, there exists a place where music meets magic, a workshop known as the Sacred Forest. This enchanting hideaway is the birthplace of our beloved Crystal Harps, where the rhythm of nature and the melody of our spirits intertwine to create harmony in its most tangible form.
We are alchemists of sound and light. Our hands are the channels through which the music of the universe pours, shaping and crafting each harp as a unique manifestation of nature’s symphony. Every piece is an embodiment of our love for the world and its inherent rhythms, made tangible in the form of the Crystal Harp. Each tone, sings with the whisper of the wind, the rustle of leaves, and the heartbeat of the forest that surrounds us.
We are deeply connected with the beauty and serenity of our environment, and it is this connection that we infuse into every Crystal Harp we create. We are honored to share these hand-crafted treasures with you, amplifying the sounds of the earth and sky, allowing you to feel the resonating echo of the universe in the palm of your hand.
We invite you to step into our mystical world, to let the pure and serene sounds of the Crystal Harp guide you towards an oasis of peace, and to find, in its resonating melody, the harmony that binds us all.
With love and light, Sewer and Natalia
Sacred Forest Team in Forest Playing Crystal Harp and Crystal Bowls

Sacred Forest Crystal Harps is legal brand of company Sewer Niedลบwiecki Sacred Forest

Sacred Forest Crystal Harps was Designed and Created By Sewer Niedลบwiecki and Natalia Osuch