Stardust C# – Crystal Harp – 432 Hz

The “Stardust C#” brings a state of deep peace and spiritual contemplation. Its tuning, inspired by the subtlety of stars and the infinity of the cosmos, is perfectly adapted to induce a state of deep meditation and inner silence.

Cosmic Vibrations for Inner Peace

The sounds of this harp are like the delicate twinkling of stars, gently guiding through the landscapes of inner worlds. It’s an ideal tool for finding peace in everyday life, offering tones that resonate with spiritual depth and bring renewal.

Notes: 5C#, 5D#,5E , 5F#, 5G#, 5A, 5B, 6C#ย with the declared highest tuning precision.

Pipes made of transparent quartz crystal with a declared purity of 99.8%

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Instrument for Meditation and Spiritual Discoveries:

“Stardust C#” is more than a harp – it’s a gateway to cosmic spiritual journeys. Its sounds are perfect for meditation, spiritual practices, and moments of reflection, where each note is like a step on the path to a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe.

A Unique Tool for Musicians and Spiritual Seekers

Regardless of musical experience, this crystal harp is accessible to anyone seeking a connection with the deeper dimension of music. It is a tool that opens doors to previously unexplored musical and spiritual experiences.

However, describing its unique melody in words doesn’t quite do it justice. You must hear it for yourself to truly appreciate its special sound. Therefore, we recommend viewing the videos below. Listen and allow the mesmerizing music to speak directly to your heart.

Characteristics of the “Stardust C#” Crystal Harp:

  • Echo of the Cosmos in Every Sound: The sounds of this harp bring echoes of cosmic harmony, evoking a sense of peace and transcendence.
  • Instrument Inspired by the Stars: Its tuning is like a journey through the night sky, full of reflection and inner light.
  • Tool for Calmness and Inner Harmony: “Stardust C#” is an ideal choice for those seeking peace, balance, and deep spiritual experiences.


The “Stardust C#” is a musical journey to cosmic harmony and inner peace. It is a tool that allows for exploring deep spaces of meditation, spiritual reflection, and enrichment of inner life.

Playing the Harp

The Harp can be played by holding the handle or placing it on a stand โ€“ both methods provide room for creativity.

There are many ways to make the harp sing its crystalline song. You can opt for gently striking with sticks.

Another acoustic effect can be achieved by gently moving wet hands over the tubes. This causes the harp to resonate with a sound that seems to blossom from within, enveloping the senses in a completely new experience.

Moreover, gently moving the harp from side to side while playing invites the sounds to additional, captivating modulation, further deepening the connection between you and your crystal harp.

With your Crystal Harp, you receive:

  • crystal stick
  • A foldable stand (for placing the harp)
  • A backpack (for carrying the instrument)
  • Instructions

Notes: 5C#, 5D#,5E , 5F#, 5G#, 5A, 5B, 6C#ย with the declared highest tuning precision.

The tubes are made of transparent quartz crystal with a declared purity of 99.8%.

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2 Year Warranty
We provide a 2-year warranty on instruments manufactured by us. The Crystal Harps do not require re-tuning, which ensures a lifetime warranty on perfect tuning.

As the manufacturer, we offer full service for our instruments. We have spare parts available and are happy to assist.

The weight of the instrument is 1,4 kg.

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Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 73 × 26 × 68 cm

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